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The Lonely Planet Guide to Italy by the Slice

Slice Meredith Smith 3 comments

Expanding our pizza lexicon is a favorite Slice past time. An interesting read on the subject of regional Italian pizza styles comes from The Lonely Planet, in which they review pizza's evolution both chronologically and geographically. More

Eight Styles to Add to Your Pizza Lexicon

Slice The Slice Team 38 comments

At Slice we ever endeavor to keep expanding our knowledge about all things pizza. As such, our Regional Pizza Style Index is always growing as we learn about new regional varieties around the globe. The time has come to add some updates to our style guide! More

Do You Know These Regional Pizza Styles?

Slice Adam Kuban 209 comments

Last week on Serious Eats, community member HeartofGlass asked: "How many different kinds of regional varations of pizza exist?" I figured I'd compile a list of all the styles I've eaten or heard or read about. From the various New York and Chicago styles to others you may have never even heard about, you're sure to find a style you dig here. More

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