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'You Are What You Eat' Prints for Sale

[Photograph: Mark Menjivar] Remember Mark Menjivar's You Are What You Eat series of photographs? They were sort of anthropological studies of people as represented by the contents of the refrigerators or freezers. Now they're for sale at Jen Bekman's 20x200: 10"x8" for $20, 14"x11" for $50, and 20"x16" for $200.... More

How to Maximize the Value of Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Photograph from chippenziedeutch on Flickr Finance blog The Simple Dollar has seven tips on how to get the most out of your refrigerator and freezer for less money. For example, cleaning the dust off the coils at the back of your refrigerator will make it more energy efficient. Also, if your freezer is fairly empty (unlike the one above), fill it with empty jugs of water to keep the other items cold and make your freezer work less hard. If you're really hardcore, you can build a chest refrigerator, which cuts energy use by about 90 percent over a typical standup refrigerator. Related: Serious Green: 10 Cheap & Green Kitchen Tips... More

What Does Your Fridge Say About You?

Photographs by Mark Menjivar Until recently, I was sharing a kitchen with three other girls in a far away city. Despite any stereotype to the contrary, our kitchen—and especially our fridge—was a mess. Bags of fresh grapes were placed on the top shelf and plates of unfinished food were shoved in uncovered. It got to the point were I wouldn't even be able to hold the door open long enough to get out some juice, much less take a picture of the contents. But photographer Mark Menjivar was able to do just that in kitchens across the country. In a series called "You Are What You Eat," viewable at GOOD and markmenjivar.com, he photographed the contents of refrigerators, from... More

Photo of the Day: Intense Freezer Burn

This photo accompanying The Kitchn's guide to freezer burn made me wonder what the freezer did to deserve such a high level of neglect. Assuming that its owners didn't die. I also thought, "It's missing something." After the jump, my preferred vision of the freezer.... More

In Gear: How to Unclutter Your Winter Fridge

This time of year has a way of testing (and overcoming) the capacity of even large refrigerators. Opening the door, out comes a bottle of mustard and a head of lettuce, and a slippery little pouch of baby carrots. Using your crisper drawer as your starting point, you can alleviate some of the clutter, freeing up valuable space for cream cheese loaf and leftover roast beast. More

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