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First Look: Cocktails and Sodas at Red Gravy in Brooklyn Heights

Drinks Paul Yee Post a comment

The cocktails at Red Gravy bear in mind the Italian practice of consuming apertivi to stimulate the appetite, and digestivi to aid in digestion. You'll recognize bottles of amari and herb-laced bitters behind the bar and in the cocktails. There's also a seasonal selection of housemade Italian sodas. More

First Look: At Red Gravy, Saul Bolton Brings Southern Italy to Brooklyn Heights

New York Paul Yee 7 comments

Saul Bolton opened Red Gravy with the desire to pay homage to the Italian-American experience. The menu is inspired by recipes and traditions that immigrants brought from the shores of Southern Italy to the blocks of Southern Brooklyn; changes were made only to reflect the different ingredients available in their new homes. More

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