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Video: Zagat's Battle of the Red Bull Cocktails

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Ever try to really challenge a bartender who offers 'bespoke' cocktails? The folks at Zagat recently did just that: they went to Sable in Chicago and ordered up custom cocktails made with energy drinks (not the easiest ingredient to mix with.) Could Sable's fancy bartenders rock the Red Bull? More

We Try The New Flavors of Red Bull

Drinks Hally Wolhandler 13 comments

Starting this March, Red Bull will no longer just come in its original flavor, but will also come in cranberry, lime, and blueberry. The new roll out, which they're calling The Red Edition, The Blue Edition, and the Silver Edition, does nothing to answer the original question—what is regular Red Bull flavor? We may never know, and we probably don't want to. More

Get Buzzed at Mickey D's with Red Bull and Other Newly Offered Drinks

Fast Food Hannah Howard Post a comment

Red Bull, Lipton, and Pepsi: coming to a McDonald's near you? In January, McDonald's announced its entrance into the coffee specialty drinks wars. Now there's another way to get your caffeine fix under the Golden Arches. If you're bored of the obligatory Coke with your Big Mac and fries, you're in luck—McDonald's is testing the sale of bottled and canned drinks in about 150 locations. The long lineup includes Red Bull, Diet Lipton Green Tea, and products from PepsiCo, archrival to McDonald's longtime fountain beverage bedfellow Coca-Cola. AdAge.com reports that the company is trying to lure customers who are going elsewhere for their energy drinks and VitaminWaters.... More

In Videos: 'Saturday Night Live': Steve Carell Monologue on Drinking Six Red Bulls

Raphael 1 comment

Last night's Saturday Night Live featured Steve Carell doing a funny monologue about having drank too many Red Bulls: You know, the most amazing part of SNL is the schedule. You're putting in 18-hour days - by the end of the week, you're exhausted, and you have to count on your adrenaline to kick in. But what if it doesn't? Now that's why, as a precautionary measure, I drank six Red Bulls. Now, I never had one before, so I hope that's enough. And I also ate a bunch of Sour Patch Kids... Video after the jump.... More

Red Bull and Cola Sitting in a Tree

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

That svelte Red Bull can won't just contain fluorescent yellow stuff anymore—it could have brown liquid in there too! The brand is launching a "strong and natural" cola alternative with crazy ingredients like mustard seeds, ginger, cloves, licorice, orange and cardamom. Following suit of Pepsi Raw and Retro, this could be part of a growing "healthier" pop trend. Maybe I want phosphoric acid in my cola, okay, Red Bull?... More

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