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The Bread Bible's Sesame White Bread

I love an unassuming white bread. It's great for sandwiches, for toast, for croutons, and a well-done loaf of white has plenty of flavor. When I saw this recipe for a sesame-covered white bread where the dough was kneaded in the food processor, I had to give it a try. More

Bread Baking: It's Just White Bread

Though we've been talking about bread on Serious Eats for quite awhile, I've never posted my most basic, generic, and foolproof bread recipe. This is the one I make when I need a buns or a loaf of bread and I don't want to mess with the formula and I don't feel like tossing in herbs, flavorings, nuts, or anything else. This is just plain white bread. More

Bread Baking: Dressed-Up White Bread

If you're going to serve a loaf of bread to company, why not make it pretty as well as delicious? This one looks impressive, but it's simple to do. And while it's a dressy-looking bread for dinner, the leftovers are perfect for breakfast toast or lunch sandwiches. If you don't need a fancy loaf, you can skip the snipping and make it a plain loaf. Or use the snipping technique with your own favorite bread recipe. More

Bread Baking: The Simplest White Bread Ever

You don't need fancy equipment or special ingredients to make a good loaf of bread. This recipe proves it. It's probably the simplest bread I've ever made, in terms of ingredients, equipment, and the amount of work required. If you've never made a loaf of bread before, this could be the gateway bread to lead you into the wonderful world of yeasty things. More

Bread Baking: White Potato-Egg Sandwich Loaf

In this bread, instant mashed potatoes create a softer, fluffier texture. I almost always use them in dinner rolls for that reason. The instant potatoes I buy are little more than dehydrated cooked potatoes, with no strange preservatives, chemicals, or flavors. The resulting bread is a very pale yellow, and very soft and fluffy with just a hint of flavor from the egg. More

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