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Scamorza-Loaded Pork Pizzaiola

Serious Eats Jennifer Olvera 8 comments

What's better than pizza? Not much, but pizzaiola, a Neapolitan dish of meat cooked pizza-style, is a strong contender. Often made with steak, this indulgent version features thinly pounded pork-tenderloin medallions tied around a scamorza-cheese filling. The bundles are seared, then simmered in a rich red-wine tomato sauce. A final topping of cheese on each piece of pork and a trip under the broiler to get it browned and bubbling is the killer last step. It's delicious served on pasta. More

Italian Sausage, Garlic, and Red Pepper Stromboli

Serious Eats Jennifer Olvera 5 comments

Everyone likes pizza. Isn't that a statement of fact? Sometimes, though, it's good to switch things up. That's where stromboli comes into play. Containing all the same ingredients in a different package, it's a customizable crowd-pleaser that can be prepared many ways. Ours is stuffed with sausage, garlic, and red peppers. More

Zero Proof: Virgin Grilled-Tomato Bloody Maria

Serious Eats Christianne Winthrop 2 comments

This non-alcoholic Bloody Maria is perfect for those lazy Sundays when you want to spend every minute outside. Stay at your grill and toss the tomatoes, peppers, and onions alongside your burgers, making sure they get a nice char. Yes, you will have to venture inside to blend it all together, but it really won't take long. More

Pasta with Eggplant, Portobella, and Tomatoes

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

I spent a good portion of the last month making eggplant parmesan for the Food Lab article on the subject. This left me with a few things: lots of canned tomatoes, plenty of Parmigiano-Reggiano, a slew of eggplants, and a great microwave-then-cook technique for getting the most out of their texture. That's about all there is to say about this recipe, other than the fact that it takes about 20 minutes to throw together, and is really good to boot. More

Dinner Tonight: Garlic Shrimp with Basil, Tomatoes, and Pepper Flakes

Serious Eats Blake Royer 13 comments

I pulled this one from So Easy by Ellie Kreiger, which is full of health-conscious recipes that pack a lot of flavor. Healthy it might have been, but more importantly, delicious. The sweet bursts of the grape tomatoes and fragrant basil brought to mind a summer picnic. More

Chicken Balsamico

Serious Eats Campbell's Kitchen Closed

Yes you can make a gourmet-style dish in just 30 minutes! It's as simple as this skillet chicken dish, served in a creamy balsamic sauce with olives, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese...yum! More

Dinner Tonight: Green Tomato Soup with Black Forest Ham

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 2 comments

Now I have at least one more great option for this under-loved vegetable. This recipe from Gourmet simmers them with some Black Forest ham and a whole bunch of scallions. The soup is chunky, relatively light, and a great showcase for the green tomato's bracing acidity. The secret weapon is the sour cream, which really pulls everything together, and helps add some much needed body. More

Dinner Tonight: Moroccan Spinach and Chickpeas

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 19 comments

I had assumed that the mixture of spinach and chickpeas was solely an Indian combination. The creaminess of the spinach is a perfect match for the hearty chickpeas, and with the addition of a few spices, it could turn into a satisfying full meal. Well, it turns that if you change some of those spices and add an interesting new thickener, you can end up in Morocco with a completely new dish. It's kind of astonishing. More

Dinner Tonight: Sea Scallops alla Caprese

Serious Eats Blake Royer 2 comments

Taking a cue from the piazza style of cooking (which produces similar results to the Spanish technique of cooking seafood a la plancha), this recipe calls for cooking the scallops on a blazing hot surface inside of a grill. From there, it's pretty familiar: grilled red onion, a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice, and fragrant basil over the whole mess. For me, it was all a lovely goodbye to summer. More

Healthy & Delicious: Mushroom 'Bolognese'

Serious Eats Kristen Swensson Sturt 6 comments

Easy to make and blessedly light, the sauce is a hearty, veggie-packed weeknight alternative to meat-heavy ragus. The flavor deepens after a few nights in the fridge, and a sprinkling of parmesan gives it even more depth, plus a pleasing cheesiness. More

Cook the Book: Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce on Couscous with Oregano and Parsley

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 9 comments

This recipe for Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce on Couscous with Oregano and Parsley is a hearty, meal-worthy take on the Italian classic eggs in purgatory. A simple tomato sauce is enlivened with Greek oregano and acts as the poaching liquid for farm fresh, pastured eggs. While the eggs gently poach in the sauce, couscous is steamed and croutons are fried. The eggs and sauce are ladled onto the fluffy couscous, topped with crunchy croutons, and finished with parsley and shredded Parmigiano. This is one of those preparations that lets the delicacy of fresh eggs really come through. More

Sautéed Okra and Tomatoes

Serious Eats helenjane Post a comment

What to do with fresh okra? Sauté it with fresh tomatoes, naturally. Make this quick side to accompany any grilled food in early autumn. Note: If ripe fresh tomatoes aren't in season, substitute with high quality whole canned tomatoes.... More

Cook the Book: Ginger-Marinated Heirloom Tomatoes with Watermelon, Burrata, & Spicy Arugula

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 1 comment

All summer long, I have designated a significant portion of my precious fridge space to watermelon. I've been blending Watermelon Margaritas, snacking on cool slices all day long, and mixing chunks of sweet watermelon into tomato salads. Since our time with both tomatoes and watermelons is coming to an end, I figured I should make my last watermelon salad of the year count. I chose Ginger-Marinated Heirloom Tomatoes with Watermelon, Burrata, & Spicy Arugula from Laurent Tourondel's Fresh from the Market as my final farewell. More

Dinner Tonight: Green Tomato Curry with Potatoes and Garlic

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 6 comments

This recipe for Green Tomato Curry with Potatoes and Garlic from Raghavan Iyer's 660 Curries is incredibly simple and perfect for any unwanted green tomatoes. The browning of the garlic at the beginning may sound a little extreme, but as long as it doesn't burn, you'll be left with this gorgeous aroma that will deepen the flavor of each bite. It's all balanced by the green tomatoes, which help lend the dish some much needed acidity. More

The TMT: Tomato, Mayo, and Toast

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 8 comments

Note: Use only the best summer tomatoes and high quality bread for this recipe. The mayonnaise can be made completely manually with a whisk. To keep the bowl steady, drape a clean dish towel over the top of a medium-sized... More

Healthy and Delicious: Mexican Potato Soup

Serious Eats Kristen Swensson Sturt 23 comments

There's been a chill in the air the past few days, so I chose Margarita Salinas' Mexican Potato Soup. Aside from potatoes, it includes fresh, ripe tomatoes at the peak of their season. The potatoes play a strong supporting role in this delicious, tangy soup, perfectly balancing the acidity of the tomatoes. More

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Soup

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 5 comments

I usually hate tomato soup. I don't hate many things, but a bowl of bland off-red soup is a rare exception. Blended soups in general tend to be boring and homogeneous, and tomato is, at least for me, the worst offender. So why am I telling you about a tomato soup, especially when I could be whipping up another sublime BLT? Leave it to Martha Stewart to sort things out. Instead of simply blending all the vegetables, only the roasted tomatoes, carrots, and garlic are pureed. More

Dinner Tonight: Fusilli with Sausage, Kale, and Sungold Tomatoes

Serious Eats Blake Royer 3 comments

One of my pasta staples in the fall and early winter is the combination of sweet Italian sausage and earthy kale. So what was I doing cooking this in August? Because I have a Sungold tomato plant in the backyard, which is considered by some to be the best of all cherry tomatoes, and inspiration struck: The sweet, intensely bright flavor of tomatoes would be the perfect acidic foil in this dish. More

Healthy & Delicious: Mussels in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Serious Eats Kristen Swensson Sturt 10 comments

Sustainable, dirt cheap, simple to prepare, low in fat, high in protein, and filled to the brim with vitamin B12, mussels could be the perfect seafood. Served as part of Lidia Bastianich's Mussels in Spicy Tomato Sauce, there's no doubt about it. It's the fanciest 15-minute meal you'll ever make. More

Cook the Book: Roasted Chicken with Tomato Butter

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 8 comments

I've never been shy about my love of anchovies. In fact, I've made it a personal mission to convert the anchovy-opposed into fans of the oily little fishes. My preferred method of easing newcomers into the umami-rich world of anchovies is something I like to call "the secret anchovy"—dissolving a few filets into a dish to deepen the flavor. This Roasted Chicken with Tomato Butter from Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton's Canal House Cooking is a perfect example of the anchovy sneak attack. More

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