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Saltie Sandwich Shop's Late-Summer Roasted Tomato Soup with Fregola and Kale

While October might be pushing it for "late summer," farmers' markets can still be counted on for inexpensive, past-their-prime tomatoes. And those are perfectly suited for the treatment they get in this wonderful soup, from the Saltie cookbook: a slow roast with olive oil to concentrate their acidity and sweetness. Along with garlic, sage, and rosemary, they're the heart of this spare and satisfying soup. More

Brown Sugar-Roasted Tomato Soup with Cheddar Croutons

For this simple autumn soup, canned tomatoes get drained of their liquid, spread out on a roasting pan, and baked with brown sugar until they're bubbly, browned, and intensified in flavor. Rather than making the soup taste sweet, the brown sugar simply vanishes into the background, making the soup's flavor a lot more full and rounded. Taking a cue from the classic tomato-soup-and-grilled-cheese combo, the final product gets topped with crusty, cheesy cheddar croutons. More

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Soup

I usually hate tomato soup. I don't hate many things, but a bowl of bland off-red soup is a rare exception. Blended soups in general tend to be boring and homogeneous, and tomato is, at least for me, the worst offender. So why am I telling you about a tomato soup, especially when I could be whipping up another sublime BLT? Leave it to Martha Stewart to sort things out. Instead of simply blending all the vegetables, only the roasted tomatoes, carrots, and garlic are pureed. More

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