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Grilled Squash and Sausages with Sauce Verte from 'Kitchen Garden Cookbook'

Serious Eats Kate Williams 2 comments

The slew of herbs in Jeanne Kelly's sauce verte were perfect for making use of my small garden's bumper crop. Laced with salty capers, spicy dijon, and pungent raw garlic, this thick green sauce from her new Kitchen Garden Cookbook makes for a potent twist on my standard pesto-heavy repertoire. Tossed with grill-kissed squash and smeared on charred spicy sausages, it helped make an early summer dinner even better. More

Deborah Madison's Summer Squash Tartines with Rosemary and Lemon

Serious Eats Kate Williams Post a comment

It may not be zucchini season quite yet, but I'd advise squirreling away Deborah Madison's Summer Squash Tartines recipe from her new book, Vegetable Literacy, for dinner parties in the coming months. Another winning bread-cheese-vegetable combination, these open-faced sandwiches are just the thing when you've got a couple of cucurbits hanging around the house. Sure, anyone can throw cheese on bread and call it an appetizer. Yet Madison's little touches, like rubbing the bread with garlic and gently cooking the squash with a saute-steam method, make these tartines more than a slapdash effort at a snack. More

Chilled Summer Squash Soup with Yogurt, Mint, and Sourdough Croutons

Serious Eats Lauren Rothman 1 comment

Summer squash is the season's most bounteous crop. Take advantage of its abundance with this simple but flavorful chilled soup: yogurt adds smoothness and acidity, fresh mint contributes both flavor and a lovely light green color, and sourdough croutons lend an irresistible crunch. More

The Crisper Whisperer: What's a Cucuzza?

Serious Eats Carolyn Cope 24 comments

Of all the ways I've worried over the years about falling short, being a decent Italian-American was never one of them. But this weekend I discovered the cucuzza, and now I'm not so sure. How could I not have known about this ancient Italian summer-squash-like gourd? I spent the weekend getting to know it. Are you familiar with the cucuzza? Let us know in the comments. More

Grilling: New Potato and Summer Squash Salad

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 1 comment

Grilling potatoes is no easy feat. Larger potatoes I sometimes will boil first to avoid charring the outside while waiting for the middle to cook, and the smaller, new potatoes I'll cook over a two zone fire, browning them over... More

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