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Boiled Stock

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 2 comments

[Photograph: Chichi Wang]... More

Cook the Book: Easy Chicken Stock

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 11 comments

It would be a shame to see even a bit of Michael Ruhlman's Perfect Roasted Chicken go to waste. So after you've had it for dinner and used the leftovers for chicken salad or a club sandwich, may we suggest stocking the freezer with a batch of Easy Chicken Stock. More

Cook the Book: Sumo Wrestler Hot Pot

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 3 comments

"This was another hot pot that allegedly serves four but was easily devoured by two people—whose combined weight isn't even close to sumo-worthy." [Flickr: pyramis] Marathon runners carbo-load on giant plates of pasta before a big race. Weightlifters have been... More

Cook the Book: Salmon Hot Pot

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 1 comment

You know that old adage, you can't judge a book by it's cover? Well, when it comes to cookbooks the rule might not be so hard and fast. Case in point, the stunning Salmon Hot Pot that graces the cover... More

Cook the Book: Dashi and Japanese Chicken Stock

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 2 comments

[Flickr: gtrwndr87] Cook the Book keeps me on my toes, culinarily speaking. Each week, the featured cookbook dictates not only what I am going to cook but where I will do my food shopping. This week's Japanese Hot Pots by... More

Chicken Stock

Serious Eats Adam Kuban Post a comment

The following chicken stock is adapted from The Culinary Institute of America's Techniques of Healthy Cooking, which is Serious Eats' featured cookbook for the week of January 14, 2008. Chicken Stock - yields 1 gallon (3.75 L) -... More

Cook the Book: Onion Confit

Serious Eats Robyn Lee 1 comment

If you're a fan of sweet caramelized onions, you'll love Tom Colicchio's onion confit. He takes caramelized onions to the next level by simmering them in chicken stock and vinegar for half an hour after the onions have already caramelized,... More

Sunday Night Soups: Pork Stock

Serious Eats The Gurgling Cod Post a comment

Sunday Night Soups, where each week The Gurgling Cod shows up to offer a soup appropriate to the week’s Sunday Night Football game on NBC. Think of this Pork Stock recipe as the pregame show—it takes a while, so we're... More

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