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Deep-Fried Shrimp in a Ketchup Garlic Sauce

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 1 comment

Seriously Asian: Lotus Root

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 18 comments

Whether it's stir-fried, boiled, braised, steamed, or deep-fried, lotus root remains crisp yet tender, with a creamy and starchy texture that's similar to taro root. Lotus seeds can be boiled and added to dessert soups or ground to make lotus seed paste, a common ingredient in sweets like mooncakes and daifuku. More

Seriously Asian: Shredded Tofu

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 14 comments

For lack of a snappier marketing term, these bean curd noodles—also referred to as tofu strands or shredded tofu on the packaging—have been taking the place of wheat noodles in my kitchen when I'm in the mood for a flour-free staple. More

Cook the Book: Stir-Fry with Tofu, Green Beans, and Tomatoes

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 3 comments

One of the wonderful things about The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook by Vanessa Maltin is that it doesn't rely heavily on gluten-free ingredients such as hard to find xanthan gum and rice flours. For the most part Maltin has created delicious recipes that are more incidentally gluten-free. This Stir-Fry with Tofu, Green Beans, and Tomatoes is a perfect example, the list of ingredients is minimal and they can be found at pretty much any supermarket. More

Healthy & Delicious: Stir-Fried Iceberg Lettuce and Sautéed Cabbage (Gomen)

Serious Eats Kristen Swensson Sturt 2 comments

Admittedly, iceberg can't touch cabbage nutritionally. The latter is packed with fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K, while the former makes you feel slightly better about eating a burger. Still, both deserve more respect as potential stand-alone dishes. And this pair of recipes should help that process along. More

Dinner Tonight: Stir-Fried Squid (Ojinguh Bokkeum)

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 9 comments

Squid is one of the cheapest and easiest things to cook. Luckily it's also really tasty. This recipe puts a Korean twist on the squid with soy sauce, garlic, hot pepper powder, and sugar. It comes out spicy and aromatic. Less squid squeamish now? More

The Nasty Bits: Lamb Kidneys

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 5 comments

By far the smallest kidneys I've had the pleasure of cooking, these lamb kidneys pack a lot of aroma into one small package. I had originally planned to grill the kidneys but after one whiff, I knew they needed plenty of tongue-numbing chilies and pepper and alcohol (like rice wine) to counter their assertive smell, so I went with this recipe for fried kidneys by Fuchsia Dunlop. More

Five Shreds Longevity Noodles for the New Year from 'Easy Asian Noodles'

Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

five-shrea More

Seriously Asian: Stir-Fried Snow Pea Tips

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 2 comments

Dinner Tonight: Dongting Stir-Fried Duck Breast

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 8 comments

"What's most surprising about this stir-fry is the lack of any gloopy sauce." I think this is the third time I've checked out Fuschia Dunlop's Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook from the library. I've been wanting to conquer every recipe for a... More

Seriously Asian: Stir-Frying Vegetables

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 13 comments

Principles of Stir-Fry, Part Four Previously Principles of Stir-Fry, Part One » Principles of Stir-Fry, Part Two » Principles of Stir-Fry, Part Three » All Seriously Asian coverage » My mother has a way of transforming vegetal chaos into order.... More

Stir-Fried Green Beans

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 1 comment
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