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Sour Saison (For Advanced Homebrewers)

Serious Eats Joe Postma Post a comment

For the flavors to fully develop, this homebrew should age for about 1 year. It will produce a rustic farmhouse style ale that will have a mild sour flavor, but it won't be overwhelmingly tart. You will also get some mild barnyard aromas and flavors from the Brett that's in the mix. More

Berliner Weisse (For Intermediate Homebrewers)

Serious Eats Joe Postma Post a comment

This Berliner Weisse recipe was used by Serious Eats contributor Jonathan Moxey to win first place in the sours category at the Homebrew Alley 6 competition. More

Sour Beer Sorbet

Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

If you're a fan of lambic, gueze, or any other fruity wild fermented ales, this Sour Beer Sorbet is a dream come true. It's sweet meets sour with just a whiff of yeastiness. More

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