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Margaritas (or Sidecars or Sours) For a Crowd

Serious Eats Michael Dietsch Post a comment

This is a versatile recipe, based on classic proportions for a traditional sour. A sour is a mix of spirits, triple sec (you can also use Cointreau or Grand Marnier), and citrus juice. Be sure to make this drink the day of the party—any earlier, and the citrus juice will spoil. More

Drink the Book: Brandy Sour

Serious Eats Marleigh Riggins Miller Post a comment

This sour uses brandy as its base. Though less common than bourbon, it has a similar level of sweetness, thus making it a great foil for lemon juice. A Brandy Sour is similar to a Sidecar but eschews the orange flavor of Cointreau for simple syrup to showcase the flavors of the liquor and lemon. More

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