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Revueltos (Creamy Spanish-Style Scrambled Eggs)

I come to you today with the perfect solution to the leftover cooked veggies conundrum: revueltos. Sounds fancy, right? But they're not. Revueltos are simply creamy, barely-set Spanish-style scrambled eggs that are cooked in a warm (not hot) pan with a) good-quality olive oil; b) tons of garlic; and c) pretty much any neutrally-flavored leftovers you've got. After cooking the eggs slowly, scraping the pan constantly to break up the curds that form, you'll be left with with custardy eggs that have a velvety, super-soft texture. More

Smoked Trout and Egg Scramble

Smoked fish is a popular ingredient throughout Britain. You can find dishes containing it gracing tables at any hour of the day, but the delicate flavor of smoked trout is most often found paired with eggs as a light meal in the morning or early afternoon. More

Healthy & Delicious: Scallion Scrambled Eggs with Cumin

Scallion Scrambled Eggs with Cumin, an Iranian-inspired meal from Faye Levy's Feast from the Middle East comes together in about 15 minutes, chopping included, and is a nice twist on standard scrambled eggs. Health-wise, it's far from a low-fat dish, but that's okay. Healthy food need not be low-fat food, especially when it's packed with protein and produce like this. More

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Caviar

Last night I went through 72 eggs worth of scrambled eggs doing some recipe research. Of course, the great thing about developing recipes for a living is that when the clock strikes 2 a.m. and you realize you haven't eaten all night, the solution is usually right in front of you. But what to pair with that final batch of ultra-rich and creamy eggs? Most people don't think caviar when searching for a midnight snack, but why not? More

How to Make the Creamiest Scrambled Eggs

These are the scrambled eggs dreams are made of, or would be made of if you dreamed about scrambled eggs, which would be weird. The ideal scrambled eggs have the texture of the interior of a soufflé, fluffy and light yet creamy and rich. Their flavor is pure, unadulterated egg, both more delicate and more flavorful than standard egg preparations. To achieve these results you need to cook the eggs very lightly, which entails slow cooking over low heat. More

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