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Classic Pork Pie

There may not be a British meat pie more iconic than the pork pie. Pork and pork jelly set in a simple hot water crust—timeless, classic and elegant. Served cold as either a snack or as part of a meal, this hearty pie is a bit like a pâté en croûte, but more British. And if you've never had one, it is well worth the time to make it. More

Cornish Pasty

Cornwall's contribution to the world of meat pastries is a simple hand pie filled with meat and root vegetables. Although the Cornish Pasty Association has strict rules regarding what exactly can go in an official Cornish pasty (beef, turnip, potato and onion), on this side of the pond it's safe to add a few extra ingredients other than the essentials. Traditionally, this pie is meant to eat standing on a lunch break, but add a pot of tea or some strong ale and light green salad and these humble pasties can be the cornerstone of an excellent brunch. More

Sunday Supper: Steak and Kidney Pie

The smell of this pie cooking will envelope your kitchen with smells that make you feel like you've just gotten in from hunting pheasant (or maybe fox), and like you're looking forward a glass of port while you wait for your supper to be served. This recipe uses all beef stock, but you could easily replace some of the stock with strong ale and get fantastic results. More

Dinner Tonight: Cornbread and Beef Skillet Pie

It's not often that I have pounds of ground beef in my fridge and burgers aren't planned for dinner that evening. But I really wanted to try something new. I initially considered meatloaf, but I couldn't find the right recipe (do you have one for me?). Then I came across this recipe from Martha Stewart for a cornbread and beef skillet pie with red peppers and mushrooms. While the meat portion of the dish sounded good, I was ultimately sold on the biscuits that cooked on top. More

Sunday Brunch: Sausage and Feta Hand Pies

Since brunch is a casual, loosely defined weekend meal, it's a great time to try out savory dishes that seem too unusual, rich, or time-consuming for a weeknight dinner. Sausage and feta hand pies are just such a meal, and out-of-this-world delicious besides. They're pretty little packages with a very high crust-to-filling ratio. They may induce embarrassing but uncontrollable moans of bliss. More

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