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Make-Ahead Salami Sub with White Bean Spread and Kale-Slaw

Serious Eats Suzanne Lehrer 2 comments

The key to a make-ahead sub is choosing toppings that won't wilt or dry out, and to choose a bread that won't quickly turn stale or soggy. This sandwich iteration of the classic beans 'n' greens pairing fits all the criteria, and takes less than 20 minutes to throw together. More

Spicy Salami Sandwich with Olive Tapenade and Goat Cheese

Serious Eats Marvin Gapultos 2 comments

For this sandwich, a rich homemade tapenade is spread into an herby focaccia roll, then followed by some spicy salami, peppery arugula, a roasted red bell pepper, and a sprinkling of crumbled goat cheese. Although the ingredients in this sandwich are all very strongly flavored, each remains distinct with every bite. More

Artichoke and Salami Sandwiches

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

Cook the Book: Farro Pasta with Spicy Salami Tomato Sauce and Fresh Mint

Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

While bacon, pancetta, guanciale, and all sorts of sausage make their way into all sorts of pasta dishes, somehow salami is always left on the antipasto plate. And it's kind of a shame considering salami's incredible ability to add intensely porky flavors to a simple tomato sauce. This Farro Pasta with Spicy Salami Tomato Sauce and Fresh Mint from Melissa Clark's Cook This Now highlights salami's sauce-boosting qualities by rendering batons of spicy sopressata golden and crisp. More

The Spuckie from Cutty's

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 1 comment

Classic Muffaletta Sandwich

Serious Eats Blake Royer 8 comments

I like to think of the muffaletta as a distant relative of the Italian sub. They both layer on the various meats and cheese—ham, capicola, salami, mortadella, provolone—and rely on something piquant and lively to stand up to all that meat, whether that's hot peppers in an Italian or the famed olive spread of the muffaletta. More

Hot Salami Carrots

Serious Eats Andrea Lynn Post a comment

Dinner Tonight: Autostrada Sandwich

Serious Eats Blake Royer 3 comments

The Italians know how to do fast food. If ever you find yourself cruising down an Italian autostrada or stuck in an airport, rather than settling for a sub-par hamburger, chances are you can find a deli-style counter where you... More

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