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Sack Lunch: Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 8 comments

When the dining hall became unbearable in college, I would treat myself to a fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich at my favorite bakery. This combination fueled my most desperate studying, even in the dead of winter. At the time,... More

Sack Lunch: Greek Salad with Orzo and Black-Eyed Peas

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger Post a comment

I nearly died of excitement when I opened this month’s Gourmet to a recipe section called “Picnic in the Glass.” It features salads that are not just composed but beautifully layered in individual glass jars, an elegant presentation that is... More

Sack Lunch: Zucchini and Chicken Salad

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 2 comments

My relationship with zucchini has never been functional. I want to love it, since there’s so much of it around in the summer and it’s so easy to prepare, but it always tastes watery and disappointing, whether steamed, grilled, or...okay,... More

Sack Lunch: Roast Beef Sandwich with Boursin

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 4 comments

Just add roast beef and Bousin! A baguette, a round of Boursin, and a bottle of Beaujolais is my idea of a Bastille Day lunch. (As you can see, my relationship to France was formed when I was a student,... More

Sack Lunch: Cold Sesame Noodles

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 11 comments

I don’t think I had ever heard about sesame noodles before I came to New York City. Maybe they were on the Chinese menus in Houston and my family was too excited about egg rolls, spare ribs, fried rice, General... More

Sack Lunch: Turkey and Coleslaw Sandwich

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 16 comments

One of my favorite sandwiches is roast turkey and coleslaw on a Kaiser roll. I happened to overhear someone order it at the inauspicious looking but better-than-average deli near my first office, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m always... More

Sack Lunch: Spicy Coriander Tabbouleh

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 1 comment

One of the most exciting things about summer is how cheap herbs are at the Greenmarket. I spend the winter making mournful calculations when I read recipes: do I really want to spend $10 on fresh herbs for a single... More

Sack Lunch: Beans and Tuna Salad

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 2 comments

Last month there was a great thread here about “What do you bring to eat at your desk for lunch?” As interesting as the responses were, I was chagrined to discover near-universal condemnation of people who enjoy tuna salad in... More

Sack Lunch: Beef and Mango Wraps and Black Bean Relish

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger Post a comment

Despite the fact that roast beef sandwiches were probably born in the days when people frequently had large leftover roasts to use up, today we’re so accustomed to the deli counter that cooking your own sandwich meat might strike you... More

Sack Lunch: Beluga Lentils and Broccoli Rabe

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 3 comments

Chefs often say that diners choose entrées based on sides: for instance, anything paired with mashed potatoes moves faster than it otherwise would. At my house, though, I don’t pay much attention to the side dishes, maybe because there’s only... More

Sack Lunch: Black Bean Chili with Eggplant

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 2 comments

Lately I’ve been wondering if I should add "freezing food in individual portions" to my list of interests on Facebook. For one long, dark year I lived in a Park Slope studio with no freezer, unable to save leftovers and... More

Sack Lunch: Mung Bean Noodles with Dulse and Crushed Peanuts

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 1 comment

For a month or two now I have been searching for an Asian or Asian-y noodle dish that would make a nice lunch. A few candidates didn't pan out, and the one that did was a soup, which I know... More

Sack Lunch: Homemade Energy Bars

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 2 comments

While I’ve been going on and on here about the pleasures of a thoughtfully packed lunch, I have not revealed a shameful truth: at the moment the only lunch I make is my own. My husband is in the home... More

Sack Lunch: Sardine-and-Egg Salad Sandwich

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 6 comments

Photograph from RockyEda on Flickr I've been working my way through everyone’s suggestions in response to last month’s post about how to eat sardines. With many methods and recipes left to try, I have already discovered one new favorite.... More

Sack Lunch: Mark Bittman's Red Beans and Rice

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 6 comments

As a devoted user of How To Cook Everything, I’m always interested in bloggers’ strong opinions about Mark Bittman. I haven’t run into any anti-Bittman animus in a while, but every once in a while someone really lets him have... More

Sack Lunch: Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 18 comments

You don’t need me to tell you to pack a sandwich for lunch, but lately for some reason I can’t get peanut butter and honey out of my head. Though I’ve been eating it on spelt bread in a gesture... More

Sack Lunch: A Luxurious and Deeply Aromatic Noodle Lunch

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 3 comments

Nigel Slater’s luxurious and deeply aromatic noodle dish has been on my poorly-maintained “to-make” list since Amazon delivered my copy of Appetite four years ago. It was the title that won me over, I must admit, though the pictures are... More

Sack Lunch: Fairytale Picnic

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 3 comments

In the fairytales and adventure stories of my childhood, the first thing a character had to do before she embarked on a journey, whether she was a princess or a milkmaid, was pack a small but sustaining bundle of bread... More

Sack Lunch: Heidi Swanson's Lemon-Scented Quinoa Salad

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger Post a comment

Photograph taken by Heidi Swanson Though I am always looking for new ways to eat quinoa, Heidi Swanson’s lemon-scented quinoa salad from 101 Cookbooks never loses its place in my rotation. It comes together in a flash, it’s healthy and... More

Sack Lunch: Black Beans and Rice

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 13 comments

My boss used to tease me when I would bring black beans and rice to work for lunch. He thought, as far as I can tell, that this was my subtle way of asking for a raise, but I had... More

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