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Edamame and Radish Risotto From 'Vibrant Food'

Serious Eats Maggie Mariolis Post a comment

I'm a sucker for the bright intensity of the humble and accessible radish, which makes a hot pink appearance in the Spring Roots section of Kimberley Hasselbrink's new cookbook, Vibrant Food. After a stint in a hot pan with butter, their peppery bite is slightly mellowed, but the remaining juicy crunch, vivid color, and distinctive pungency offsets the simple, creamy risotto. More

Salted Caramel Risotto

Serious Eats Emma Kobolakis 2 comments

With a mantle of superdark caramel enrobing al dente grains, Bakeless Sweets Salted Caramel Risotto is rice pudding's sexier sister. More

Extra-Rampy Ramp Risotto

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 6 comments

An ultra-ramp-flavored, bright green risotto flavored with blanched ramp greens and whites, topped with herb ricotta and sautéed ramps. More

Chicken Risotto with Lemon, Asparagus and Peas

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 3 comments

This creamy risotto starts with homemade chicken stock and fall off the bone tender chicken. More

Risotto with Spring Peas, Ham, and Fontina Cheese

Serious Eats Deborah Mele 1 comment

This is a simple spring risotto dish created to showcase the first spring peas I was lucky to find this year that are combined with ham and creamy Fontina cheese. More

Green Risotto with Mushrooms (Vegan)

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 9 comments

Creamy risotto tinted bright green with spinach and herbs, served with pan-seared mushrooms. More

Saffron Risotto with Shrimp and Pistachios

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Could I whip up a batch of saffron stained risotto quickly and easily for a weeknight dinner, while avoiding the temptation to screw it up by adding a bunch of extraneous ingredients to the pot? More

Easy Sausage and Pea Orzo Risotto

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky Post a comment

A thick, hearty orzo risotto, more foolproof than the rice variety, full of sweet Italian sausage, peas, and Parmesan. More

Spring Vegetable Risotto With Asparagus, Zucchini, Fava Beans, Snap Peas, and Morels

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

What we're here to talk about today is vegetables, in particular, asparagus and morel mushrooms. More

Bluestem's Risotto with Butternut Squash and Allspice

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 1 comment

This recipe has two components that are new to most home cooks: stirring in cubes of chilled butter just before serving for added creaminess and finishing the dish with freshly grated allspice to give it a burst of warmth and a hint of spice. They're simple touches but ones that go a long way, making homemade taste just a bit closer to restaurant-calibre cooking. More

Perfect Risotto

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 21 comments

Note: I prefer using Carnaroli rice for its slight longer grains and firmer texture. Feel free to use any risotto-style rice like Arborio or Vailone Nano.... More

Cook the Book: Saffron Risotto with Mushrooms 

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 4 comments

This creamy, buttery risotto is flecked with stands of lightly toasted saffron which colors it a deep, bright yellow. Although the risotto is finished with butter and Parmigiano, Ferran Adrià goes a step further by garnishing it with paper-thin slices of mushrooms that lend another level of earthiness and texture to an already great dish. More

Dinner Tonight: Brown Risotto with Summer Squash, Favas, and Mint

Serious Eats Blake Royer Post a comment

Nigel Slater's brown rice risotto—cooked with a short-grain brown rice, which is essential to giving it its starchy, creamy consistency—is slightly chewier and nuttier than a traditional risotto, but lightened up with vegetal shredded summer squash and a punch of mint leaves added in at the last moment. If you can find short-grain brown rice, give this one a try. More

Dinner Tonight: Asparagus and Shiitake Risotto

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 2 comments

I've gotten out of the habit of making risotto all the time for dinner (in fact, it's been well over a year since I've written about the rice dish for this site), but with fresh asparagus in hand from a trip to the farmers' market, I figured I'd reacquaint myself with the Italian classic. I wanted to keep things simple with a dish that showcased the spring bounty without covering it up with needless ingredients. This recipe from Gourmet, which pairs asparagus with shiitakes, certainly fit the bill. More

Dinner Tonight: Golden Beet Barley "Risotto" with Ricotta Salata

Serious Eats Blake Royer 5 comments

The similarity to risotto with this dish is mostly related to the cooking method—toasting the grains in fat, letting them absorb some wine, then adding stock little by little until the grains have become tender and released their starch into the pot to turn everything creamy. It tastes nothing like a traditional risotto, but that doesn't mean this isn't a brilliant dish. More

Eat For Eight Bucks: Butternut Squash and Scallion Risotto

Serious Eats Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress 11 comments

Risotto gets a bad wrap for being difficult. I happen to think the opposite. And the reputation of this dish will only further yours if you pull it off. More

Risotto with Southern Greens and Bacon

Serious Eats Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress 5 comments

I'm enamored with at least a few aspects of Southern cuisine. One, pork in everything. Two, slow-cooked greens. And three, pecan pie. I've included two of the three here in this somewhat rowdy risotto dish that's left its Italian heritage far, far behind. More

Dinner Tonight: Butternut Squash Baked Risotto

Serious Eats Blake Royer 7 comments

There is a lot of fear and hype surrounding risotto, considering it's basically just a bunch of rice. Most of these risotto fears, though, are unfounded. If you let it cook slowly and add the liquid little by little, the results are usually good and sometimes sublime. More

Cook the Book: Rice Cooker Mushroom Risotto

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 6 comments

It's probably best to start off the introduction for this Mushroom Risotto recipe from Roger Ebert's The Pot and How to Use It by saying that there are no short cuts when to comes to making risotto. But if time is an issue and a dish of savory, creamy, mushroom studded rice is what you're after then the rice cooker can certainly make a passable approximation. More

Andrew Carmellini's Risotto Rosso with Red Wine, Radicchio, and Smoked Mozzarella

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman] This risotto is easy to make but sophisticated in flavor, with rich tannins and complexity from wine and port, a smoky note from smoked mozzarella, and a touch of bitterness from wine-glazed radicchio. Note: Port can be... More

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