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Dinner Tonight: Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs

I'm so entrenched into the smoky world of barbecue that I sometimes feel like the only respectable and correct way to cook spare ribs is low and slow on a pit. Trust me—when you've tasted the saucy specimens of Cozy Corner you might agree that I'm on to something. But while those are undeniably tasty, this theory isn't exactly practical for a weeknight meal. Luckily, other cuisines disagree with me and have developed artful ways of cooking ribs quickly that come out just as delicious. More

Oven-Braised Pork Ribs

[Photograph and illustration: Helen Jane Hearn] These ribs require a dry rub the day before, and after that, they bake for three hours. This means you need to plan ahead. That's okay—they're worth it. This dish works well at an... More

Barbecue: Dr. Pepper Baby Back Ribs

The official start of the outdoor cooking season calls for some classics, and I can't think of anything better than these Dr. Pepper ribs. My most favorite of soft drinks served as the base of this sauce, which offers a tang and depth that will have everyone asking, "what's in this?!" More

Cook the Book: Smoky Oven-Roasted Spareribs

As one might expect, in a book called Pig: King of the Southern Table there's a lot of talk about barbecue. But for those of us who live outside the realm of real barbecue, and might not even have the luxury of an outdoor space to grill James Villas has kindly shared this recipe for Smoky Oven-Roasted Spareribs. Yes, they are oven roasted, and no, they are not real barbecue but, for coming out of a conventional oven these ribs are pretty spectacular. More

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