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Lane Cake

Lane Cake: now there's a tall southern belle of a layer cake, filled with coconut, chopped fruit and nuts and a generous serving of whiskey or brandy, and topped off with a snowy range of fluffy frosting. Cutting into this cake is particularly enjoyable: the white frosting gives way to a creamy-colored cake, with a slightly more yellow-toned custard, flecked with a confetti of nuts and fruits contained therein. More

Leftover Pie Parfait

The composition of your parfait is your own adventure. The basic rule is that you want to choose an ice cream, a topping, and a sauce which act either in harmony or in unison with your pie flavor. For instance, you could compose a harmonious concoction by pairing a slightly tart apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, graham cracker crumbles, and caramel sauce; or, you could go matchy-matchy and pair a slice of grasshopper pie with mint chocolate chip ice cream, thin mints, and chocolate sauce. More

S'more Pop-Tart Drop Cookies

Have you ever found yourself eating a chocolate cookie and thought to yourself that surely, surely there must be a way to heighten this delicious experience? This is the way. The answer is yes, and that thing is Pop-Tarts. More specifically, S'mores Pop-Tarts. More

Super Bowl Eats

Every year, I get excited about the Super Bowl. It's not about the halftime show or the commercials, and although I've been trying my best to understand the finer points of the game, it really comes down to one thing: the food. More

Time for a Drink: The Pompier

Enter the Pompier. Also known as the vermouth cassis, this tall glass of icy goodness offers a gentle, sophisticated alternative for those looking to idle away a steamy afternoon. Based on vermouth--so it's lower in alcoholic horsepower than many other seasonal refreshers--the Pompier increases its allure with the robust fruitiness of crème de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur. More

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