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Thai-style Braised Pork Cheeks

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 1 comment

[Photograph: Chichi Wang] About the author: Chichi Wang took her degree in philosophy, but decided that writing about food would be much more fun than writing about Plato. She firmly believes in all things offal, the importance of reading great... More

Pork Cheeks Braised in Tomato Wine Sauce

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 1 comment

An Italian braise with tomato sauce and red wine is always a winner, and a step away from being a complete meal with the addition of pasta, spaetzle, or polenta. More

Sichuan Braised Pork Cheeks

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 1 comment

I can never get enough of a Sichuan-style red-braise with chili bean paste (made from fava beans and chili oil), fermented black beans, soy sauce, wine, and sugar. Plenty of sichuan peppercorns go into the braise and are sprinkled on top, if desired. The spicy rich sauce can be spooned over rice or noodles and served with vegetables, roasted or braised. Daikon is the classic Sichuan pairing for red-braised meat, but root vegetables of any kind would be good, as would cauliflower or long-cooked greens. More

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