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Leftover Jelly Bean Pop-Tarts

Preparing a homemade version of the popular store-bought pastries is extremely easy, and placing rows of jelly beans in the middle is a vibrant way to make use of any straggler candy. The jelly beans become soft and slightly gooey while still the tarts are still warm; they form into flattened but soft little sugar lumps when cooled. More

S'more Pop-Tart Drop Cookies

Have you ever found yourself eating a chocolate cookie and thought to yourself that surely, surely there must be a way to heighten this delicious experience? This is the way. The answer is yes, and that thing is Pop-Tarts. More specifically, S'mores Pop-Tarts. More

Homemade Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts

These Pop-Tarts boast everything you remember about the originals and even newcomers like me can appreciate their warm, spicy-sweet flavor. Frosting lovers will enjoy their irresistibly lickable icing while purists can opt to go au naturel. The real question is: will you butter yours? More

Strawberry 'Pop Tarts'

Either Kellogg's now manufactures Pop-Tarts using a reformulated recipe or the tastebuds I possessed as a child had not developed enough to distinguish between crap and yum. As a kid, I thought Pop-Tarts represented the absolute pinnacle of deliciousness. I remember each nibble bringing supreme, no, divine pleasure. My adult palate, however, finds every bite a new adventure in disappointment. More

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