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Oat-Stuffed Chicken Legs

This quick chicken dish is a more modern variation of the Scottish preparation sometimes called howtowdie, which features a whole chicken stuffed with oats and served over spinach and poached eggs. Here, I've use exclusively chicken legs and added some quickly sautéed mushrooms to the oat filling. Serve it with some roasted vegetables and a dollop of good mustard for a satisfying, simple supper. More


Though these oat-based yeast pancakes may appear lacy and delicate, they're actually quite satisfying and substantial. They're traditionally stuffed with savory ingredient like eggs, sausage, and ham, but they can also be loaded with syrup and filled with jam. More


Use this recipe as a guideline to create your perfect granola. Some great things to add are brewers yeast, sesame seeds, any kind of nut or dried fruit, or even chocolate chips. This granola will keep in an airtight container for 2 weeks at room temperature; and if you think you might have some left, freeze it for a longer amount of time or put in an airtight container in the fridge for another week or two. More

Oat Crumble Crust

I often use this recipe as an alternative to a graham cracker crust. It's very crumbly, tastes like a buttery oatmeal cookie, and has a nice salty and sweet thing going on which is a great contrast to most sweet fillings. Use it whenever recipes call for a graham cracker crust. More

Bread Baking: Oat Bread

I made oat buns a while back, and really liked the flavor that oat flour added to a mostly-wheat dough. This time I decided to up the ante by increasing the proportion of oat flour, adding quick-cooking oats and sprinkling some oats on top. That triple dose of oats made the bread a little denser and heartier; a great bread platform for peanut butter. More

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