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15 Minute Turkey Enchiladas

Supposing that you've got yourself a big 'ol pile of leftover turkey sitting in the fridge, and right next to it happens to be a batch of the mole poblano you made a few weeks back. There's only one possible outcome to this situation: turkey and mole enchiladas (or, if you want to get really technical about it, enmoladas). More

Chicken Mole

The word "mole" is used to describe sauces that come in an overwhelming variety of colors and flavors. What unites all versions of mole is chili—whole, chopped, dried, or fresh, all mole use chili as one of the central components.... More

Dinner Tonight: Huasteca-Style Chicken in Mole

I've made loads of Mexican moles over the past few years, but none that have tasted quite like this one from Zarela's Veracruz. In fact, I'd never even heard of Huasteca-Style mole before. But that's also what I love so much about Mexican cuisine. I've learned about dishes from Oaxaca and Puebla, but still have much to know more about other regions, especially from the northeastern portion of the country. More

Serious Heat: Silky, Spicy Mole Sauce

Mole brings together the wonderful worlds of chile and chocolate. The smooth, flavorful sauce is very versatile. It can smother enchiladas, chicken, sweet potatoes, you name it. The concept of mole is that the sauce is the main event--what it's served with is in a supporting role. More

Turkey with Mole

The following recipe is from the April 29 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! I think that turkey gets a bad wrap. Relegated to Thanksgiving, Christmas and a few dull... More

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