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Sunday Supper: Lancashire Hotpot

A simple casserole for a Sunday afternoon, the Lancashire hotpot is a lamb stew baked with sliced potatoes. Traditional recipes often include kidneys, blood sausage, or both; this version uses kidneys. If you choose to omit them, add a few more chunks of lamb. More

Sunday Supper: Steak and Kidney Pie

The smell of this pie cooking will envelope your kitchen with smells that make you feel like you've just gotten in from hunting pheasant (or maybe fox), and like you're looking forward a glass of port while you wait for your supper to be served. This recipe uses all beef stock, but you could easily replace some of the stock with strong ale and get fantastic results. More

Sunday Brunch: Deviled Kidneys on Toast

Whenever I eat these kidneys, I imagine sitting in a dimly lit bar on the coast of Nova Scotia, with a pint of dark beer eating this dish and preparing myself for an early morning fishing trip. Whether or not that's my reality, these remarkably savory and soothing kidneys on toast are simple and satisfying. More

The Nasty Bits: Lamb Kidneys

By far the smallest kidneys I've had the pleasure of cooking, these lamb kidneys pack a lot of aroma into one small package. I had originally planned to grill the kidneys but after one whiff, I knew they needed plenty of tongue-numbing chilies and pepper and alcohol (like rice wine) to counter their assertive smell, so I went with this recipe for fried kidneys by Fuchsia Dunlop. More

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