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Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Serious Eats Lauren Weisenthal Post a comment

My favorite recipe for making sugar cookies with royal icing comes from the venerable Martha Stewart. It's a classic recipe for perfect sugar cookies, the kind that are light and crisp and perfect for decorating. I recommend using brandy or cognac, which adds a butterscotch note to the cookies. More

Old-Fashioned Cake from Miette

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 1 comment

Just right for birthdays or other special occasions, this Old-Fashioned Cake is a perfect balance of moist bittersweet chocolate cake and marshmallowy icing. More

Cook the Book: Grandma Stevens's Coconut Cake

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 5 comments

Desserts don't get more Southern than a towering coconut cake. Fluffy and white, dusted with shaved coconut and gobs of seven-minute icing, it's a gorgeous way to end a meal. This particular version from Molly O'Neill's One Big Table incorporates an extra layer of coconut flavor in the form of a sour cream-coconut filling. Mixed up a few days before baking, it's a dead ringer for chocolate Easter egg filling, i.e., super delicious and plenty coconutty. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone 22 comments

Not only do I prefer the texture of boxed cake, I also love the ease. Open a box, dump in a few ingredients and in two minutes you have batter. Would it be possible, I wondered, to create a homemade, gluten-free, one bowl cake recipe? Turns out, the answer is yes. This cake, which was inspired by the classic gluten-filled Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" recipe, comes together quickly. White rice flour, cornstarch, and just a little sweet rice flour combine to create a cake that has a texture that's very similar to boxed cake—only better. More

French in a Flash: Carrot Muffins with Sweet Chèvre Icing

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 6 comments

Previously Tarragon Chicken » All French in a Flash recipes » One thing that hasn't changed since childhood is that I love playing with food. As a cook, that now means using ingredients in ways as creative as my... More

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