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Cook the Book: Israeli Workingman's Lunch

We love a good egg sandwich—bacon, egg and cheese, egg salad, Croque Madame, we could go on and on, but we have to thank The Big New York Sandwich Book for introducing us to another egg-centric lunchtime repast, the Israeli Workingman's Lunch. One might assume that most workaday Israelis are bent over an overstuffed falafel but Snir Eng Sela, chef at Commerce had a different sort of Israeli lunch in mind. More

Cook the Book: Complete Hummus

In Israel, hummus is treated as a blank canvas for all sorts of toppings. This Complete Hummus begins with a great recipe for basic hummus—dried chickpeas soaked overnight and blended with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic—which are topped off with a pool of spicy lemon-cumin-hot pepper sauce, drizzles of olive oil and raw tahini, and a sprinkle of parsley and chopped onion, and even whole chickpeas if you'd like. More

Sprouted Chickpea Hummus

I like to make this hummus with raw chickpeas. It's a nice change from classic chickpea hummus. The rawness comes through as a fresh flavor that is not at all harsh. My husband describes it as "wheatgrass-y," which he promises... More

Cook the Book: Edamame Hummus

I was expecting tasty but not mind-blowing, but after whipping a batch of this leaf-green hummus in the food processor, I don't really see much chickpea-based hummus in my future—it was just that good. The edamame has a simple sweetness that plays down the earthy qualities of the roasted garlic and tahini. While chickpea hummus has a tendency to be heavy and pasty, this version is light with a fantastic green freshness. Its versatile flavors work equally well as a sandwich spread or condiment on its own. More

Dinner Tonight: Hummus with Ground Lamb and Almonds

I always knew that homemade hummus was a relatively painless dish to whip up, but I never actually took the time to make it until I found this recipe from Samuel Clark's Moro. It really couldn't be easier. Compared to store-bought, the flavor is cleaner and more vibrant, less dull and chalky. It's a perfect match for lamb, which in this recipe is mixed with cinnamon, almonds, and a final sprinkling of smoked paprika. Each bite is tangy, rich, and gorgeously perfumed thanks to the spices. I devoured my whole plate in minutes. More

Essentials: Hummus

©iStockphoto.com/JLGutierrez Sometimes I recall that I grew up without hummus and am amazed. It seems like such a natural kid-food, but it just wasn’t around in Houston then (now it is—my childhood, we’re talking decades ago now, people). I discovered... More

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