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Creamed Spinach With Citrus Kosho From 'Maximum Flavor'

Serious Eats Kate Williams 3 comments

Far from a stodgy, cream-leaden bowl of green mush, this creamed spinach is bright and spicy thanks to homemade citrus kosho (a blend of zest, chiles, lemongrass, and salt) and a puréed mixture of onion and garlic. More

Ideas in Food's Chocolate Pudding

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz 1 comment

This is the classic pudding of our childhood. Chocolate pudding is the ultimate comfort food, and this version is decadent without being overpowering. Use your favorite good-quality chocolate here because it will make your pudding that much better. A dollop of unsweetened whipped cream or lightly sweetened heavy cream poured over the top takes this to yet another level, although Aki has been known to eat it straight out of the container with a spoon. Jell-O pudding has nothing on us. More

Ideas in Food's Macaroni and Cheese

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz 8 comments

Yet another favorite of ours, this appears on our table in various guises every few weeks. The evaporated milk may seem like an odd choice but it serves a purpose, helping to stabilize the sauce. More

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