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Millionaire Cocktail

There are a few cocktails that go by this name, but my favorite is this version with rye (or bourbon), grenadine, pastis, curaƧao or Grand Marnier, and an egg white. It's rich and mildly creamy, with mellow whiskey flavors rounded out by sweet fruitiness and just a hint of anise. More

DIY Grenadine

DIY grenadine is as quick to make as simple syrup, and you are in control of how sweet it is. Pomegranate molasses and rosewater add a bit of complexity to the flavor of the final product. More

Drink the Book: Black Tea Sour

In this clever variation on the classic liquor-based sour, bartender Thad Vogler substitutes the assertive flavor of black tea for alcohol. The tannic qualities of the tea provide many of the same qualities as booze and give the drink a delicious backbone which stands up against tart lemon and sweet grenadine. More

Time for a Drink: Clover Club

Originally named for a Philadelphia social club with roots tracing back to the 1880s, the Clover Club was, for decades, one of the marks of the sophisticated boozer, a manly drink (despite its pink hue) shaken by the bucketload in the wood-paneled lounges of the early 20th century. More

El Presidente

When the weather (or your palate) is being indecisive, it's best for your cocktails to play along. That's where the El Presidente comes in: made with light rum, it has a bright, summery appeal; but with the gravitas brought to the drink by dry vermouth and orange curacao, the flavor is ready to pull on a sweater against the evening's chill. More

Monkey Gland

This is a drink where spending the time and money to get your hands on the right ingredients makes all the difference. Fresh-squeezed orange juice is essential, and a quality grenadine—Stirrings makes a decent one, though it's quite simple to make your own—and an authentic absinthe really make the cocktail come together (though a substitute such as Herbsaint, Pernod or Ricard will also suffice). More

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