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Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is ginger ale's sinister cousin: much or ginger and a little less sweet, but still (mostly) non-alcoholic. It can be made easily at home with simple ingredients and materials. More

Apricot Rum Fizz

This cocktail is a slightly modified version of Toast's Apricot Fizz. Not that their drinks aren't brilliant, mind, it's just that I personally don't care for spiced rum (I think the "spice" is added by distillers in attempt to mask the lower quality of the rum), and I prefer the sharp sass of ginger beer over ginger ale's plebeian sweetness. More

Moscow Mule

The story goes that in 1941, in an effort to market the then-exotic Russian spirit, executives from Heublein—then owners of Smirnoff vodka—collaborated with the owner of the Cock 'n Bull Tavern in Hollywood to create this simple, memorable drink composed of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, served over ice in a copper mug. More

Time for a Drink: Mamie Taylor

For fortification, the Mamie Taylor relies on blended scotch, but while this dark spirit can evoke the cooler months, fresh lime juice lightens the spirit's ponderous demeanor, and a spicy ginger ale or ginger beer places it firmly in summer-cooler territory. More

Cocktail: The Dark 'n' Stormy

The Bermudan dark rum–based Dark and Stormy, made with ginger beer and lime juice. It kind of tastes like a citrus-spiked gingerbread cookie (in a good way). The rum makes you feel all warm inside, but the lime aftertaste reminds you that gingerbread isn't for a few more months. This one's so easy to swallow, perhaps it could be considered a girly drink? But then again, old Bermudan men down these all the time. More

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