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Blackberry Thyme Galette

Galettes are simply free-form tarts, but there is something about their ease of preparation and rustic look that makes them perfect for summer. This version replaces the traditional pâte sucrée dough with a tender cream cheese-based dough that's flavored with fresh thyme. The galette is filled with lots of fresh blackberries, meaning it's good on its own or even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. More

Sweet Potato Galettes From 'Ottolenghi'

I love sweet potatoes in general, so I admit these sweet potato galettes were an easy sell. Pair those garnet spuds with a blanket of sour cream, buttery puff pastry, and a few goat cheese crumbles, and I'm even more on board. But it was the final gremolata-like mixture brushed atop the finished galettes that ultimately sold me. Not only does the sauce add a pop of color, but it also brings fresh contrast to the richness of the pastry. More

Caramelized Onion and Bayley Hazen Blue Galette from 'The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook'

If there's one thing that Vermont is known for (other than maple syrup), it's cheese. And one of the biggest names in the Green Mountain cheese game is Jasper Hill Farm. Their famously fudgy Bayley Hazen Blue gets a starring role in this caramelized onion galette—its complex grassy and peppery notes truly shine atop buttery pastry and sweet, soft caramelized onions. More

Grape Galettes

Grapes make a wonderful pie filling that's too beautiful to hide under a top crust. Show off the colors of this fruit's short harvest season by baking local grapes into a rustic galette. This is a versatile recipe that yields either one large free-form galette, or ten mini galettes that are baked inside of 3 inch tart rings to reinforce the sides during the first part of baking. More

Cook the Book: Galette of White Peaches and Tomatoes

You might not expect a book focusing entirely on tomato recipes to include desserts but Amy Goldman's The Heirloom Tomato has a few tomato-based meal-enders including this Galette of White Peaches and Tomatoes. The recipe layers peaches and pale yellow tomatoes in a free-form pastry crust with the lightest sprinkling of sugar. When the galette emerges from the oven, the flavors of the peaches and tomatoes have melded, making for bites of peaches with a hint of tomato acidity and tomatoes infused with the essence of peach. More

Cook the Book: Tomato, Zucchini, and Leek Galette with Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese

This Tomato, Zucchini, and Leek Galette with Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese is a perfect example of Emeril's newfound reverence for fresh produce. Ripe summer tomatoes, zucchini, and leeks are seasoned with just a touch of salt and white pepper, layered on a bed of herbed goat cheese and puff pastry. It's a gorgeous and simple dish that lets the true character of the ingredients come through with all of its summery goodness. More

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