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Cook the Book: Fried Okra

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 14 comments

I've always thought of okra as one of the cuter vegetables, with its fuzzy little ridged pods and almost cap-like stem. But as adorable as okra is, some folks find it off-putting due to its tendency to become slimy when cooked. This recipe for Fried Okra from Mary Mac's Tea Room by John Ferrell is a wonderful way to convert the okra-averse since the quick-fry leaves the okra soft with an amazingly crisp crust. It's even more addictive than a plate of fries. More

Cook the Book: Crisp Fried Okra

Serious Eats Alaina Browne Post a comment

A note to okra haters: Even you will love fried okra. You won't find any of the slime often associated with the summertime vegetable, just fried mouth-poppin' goodness. I can't pass it up when I see it on a menu,... More

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