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Quince Alexander

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

Lighten and brighten up the classic Brandy Alexander with a little homemade quince syrup. More

DIY Hazelnut Liqueur

Serious Eats Marcia Simmons 10 comments

Hazelnut liqueur flies a bit under the radar compared to its nutty cousin amaretto. However, hazelnut liqueur has a layered and complex flavor that makes it a treat to sip on its own after dinner or shake up in a cocktail. More

Bacon, Bourbon, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

Forget wussy crumbled bacon on top. For this one, we emulsify bacon fat right into the drink. If you like Nutella and you like bacon, this spiked hot chocolate is the one for you. More

Better Batches (Soft Batch Cookie Upgrade)

Serious Eats Bravetart 4 comments

These cookies are for those who loved the softness of the Soft Batch, but didn't especially care for the flavor. More

Alps Coffee

Serious Eats Heather Arndt Anderson Post a comment

The mere mention of the Alps evokes images of hot chocolate and flaxen-haired milkmaids, but why? But perhaps instead it should make us think of this delightful brunch drink, a drunken coffee enhanced with a little kirsch and Frangelico. More

New Year's Champagne Cocktail: Nutella Champagne Shooter

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 5 comments

For me, nothing is as naughty as Nutella, which I eat with a spoon, straight from the jar. No need to mess around. This Champagne shooter is a small liquorish tribute to my sweet indulgence: chocolate and hazelnut liqueurs tempered with the bright-eyed, winking sparkle of Champagne. More

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