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S. H. Fernando Jr.'s Hoppers

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 3 comments

Hoppers, a Sri Lankan roadside snack are delicate sourdough crepes made with coconut milk and rice flour. Cooked in a high-sided spherical pan, the batter is swirled around during the cooking process making for lacey-crisp edges and a tender center. S.H. Fernando Jr., author of Rice & Curry says that they're a wonderful vehicle for scooping up saucy curries, or if you're a fan of all things eggy, feel free to crack an egg in the middle of one of these guys for a Sri Lankan breakfast of champions. More

Halloumi-stuffed Olive Oil Flatbread

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz Post a comment

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz] About the author: Max Falkowitz is the editor of Serious Eats: New York. You can follow him on Twitter at @maxfalkowitz.... More

The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking's Carta di Musica

Serious Eats dbcurrie Post a comment

I fell in love with the idea of Carta di Musica the first time I heard the name. It refers to the thinness of these crisp flatbreads, and the idea that you should be able to see though them when they're rolled thin enough. There's also something appealing about breaking a big crisp flatbread into pieces. More

Bread Baking: Cheese and Sesame Flatbreads

Serious Eats dbcurrie 5 comments

Flatbreads are fun. They puff up when they bake like little pillows. The cheese bits add a heckuvalot of flavor and the bottoms get a little crisp in spots. Use these in place of buns, wraps, or flour tortillas. It's also a great way to use cheese that's starting to dry up. More

Bread Baking: Lemon Basil Flatbreads

Serious Eats dbcurrie 15 comments

Flatbreads are great. You can eat them as wraps for sandwiches, or tear them up and use them as a vehicle for dips or to sop up gravy. Call them tortillas and fill them with spicy Mexican flavors, or call them pitas and fill them with lamb and tzatziki. If you make too many, cut them in triangles and put them in a low oven to get crispy, and you've got chips. What's not to love? More

Cook the Book: Scallion Flat Breads

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 4 comments

These scallion flat breads from The Asian Grill are a take on the Chinese restaurant staple, the scallion pancake. This is version a little lighter and not as greasy. The flat breads are great by themselves, used as a wrap,... More

Cook the Book: Gougères from Burgundy

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 5 comments

And so we've come to the last dance with this week's Cook the Book entry, Anissa Helou's Savory Baking From the Mediterranean. Today's recipe is for Gougères Bourguignonnes, "Gougères From Burgundy." While gougères are often made on a baking sheet,... More

Cook the Book: Little Milk Breads

Serious Eats Adam Kuban Post a comment

Today's Cook the Book recipe for petits pains au lait, "Little Milk Breads," is one that author Anissa Helou says is made all over France. Unlike the also-ubiquitous baguette, however, Helou says these treats can be just as good as... More

Cook the Book: Pita Bread

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 4 comments

When you think "flatbread," it's likely that one of the first flatbreads that comes to mind is pita bread. Anissa Helou, who wrote this week's Cook the Book selection, offers this recipe for home baking in Savory Baking From the... More

Cook the Book: Turkish Flatbreads with Spinach and Cheese

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 1 comment

Today's Cook the Book recipe is for a type of Turkish flatbread that's typically called a börek (or burek) in the West. They're more a filled savory pastry than what you may think of as a typical flatbread, but they're... More

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