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Almond Espresso Toffee

This is a slight variation on most toffee recipes, which usually only hints at coffee, taking on notes of it from the caramelization. This recipe calls for the addition of espresso, either in as an instant powder, or, if you don't mind a bit of gritty texture, finely ground espresso beans. More

Scooped: Cream Cheese and Guava Swirl Ice Cream

The Spanish have a long tradition of eating their beloved Manchego cheese with a smear of membrillo, a sweet paste made from quince. As their culinary influence spread to colonies in the Americas, they were adopted and adapted to match local tastes and ingredients. The gestalt of the two flavors together is incredible, a completely perfect combination of sweet and tart, creamy and fruity, exotic and familiar. In ice cream form, it's even more delicious (but what isn't more delicious in ice cream form?) and incredibly easy to make. More

Time for a Drink: Spanish Main

Named for the mainland coast of the old Spanish empire along the Caribbean, the Spanish Main brings together an ingredient from the old country: Licor 43, a Spanish liqueur flavored with a number of botanicals, most prominently vanilla, with two from the New World--a rich dark rum from Guatamala, and a smooth bolt of black coffee or espresso. More

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