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The Best Egg Salad

Perfect is a word that I throw around a lot, and it's always with the understanding that it's a goal that can be strived for but never achieved. This particular recipe for egg salad is about as close to perfect as I've ever had. It's not fancy, there are no special ingredients, but it's well balanced, with bright, fresh flavors and a texture that spans from rich and creamy to crisp and crunchy. More

Dinner Tonight: Shrimp and Deviled-Egg Salad Rolls

I like lobster rolls as much as the next guy, but I also live in the Midwest, where they are rare and usually stupendously expensive. I'm just not in the business of throwing down $20 for what amounts to a sandwich more than once a year. While not as ethereal as a perfect lobster roll, these shrimp and deviled-egg salad rolls from The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern might be the perfect low-brow alternative for someone like me. More

Cook the Book: Deviled Egg Salad with Anchovies, Hot Smoked Paprika, and Tomato

As far as my egg salad research has taken me, this recipe for Deviled Egg Salad with Anchovies, Hot Smoked Paprika, and Tomato from Melissa Clark's In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite might just be my favorite yet. It incorporates Spanish inspired ingredients—smoked paprika and anchovies—into the mayonnaisey mix. The salad has a touch of smoke and heat, and an umami kick thanks to the anchovies. More

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