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Eggplant Spirals With Greek Yogurt, Tomatoes, and Cucumber

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel Post a comment

A quick and fresh appetizer or side dish, these grilled eggplant rolls get some Greek love thanks to an herbed-packed blend of yogurt and feta. Diced fresh tomatoes and cucumbers add a little contrasting crunch to the creamy filling. More

Whole-Wheat Spaghetti Salad With Grilled Zucchini, Kalamata Olives, and Feta

Serious Eats Jennifer Olvera Post a comment

Sure, whole-wheat pasta is healthy. It's also tasty, offering a bit more "chew" than the refined-starch variety. That extra texture is a plus in this chilled salad, which mixes grilled zucchini, briny Kalamata olives, tomatoes, salty feta, and basil, all of the ingredients dressed in a simple vinaigrette. More

Farro Salad With Blue Cheese, Pine Nuts, and Tomatoes

Serious Eats Jennifer Olvera 3 comments

In this simple recipe, farro is simmered with onion, garlic and carrot to impart flavor. Then, it's combined with a host of fresh ingredients: juicy tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, all of which are tied together with red wine vinaigrette, pine nuts and crumbled blue cheese. More

Cucumber-Tequila Cooler

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Cucumbers and celery add a cooling vegetal note to this tart and refreshing tequila cocktail. More


Serious Eats Nick Caruana Post a comment

A simple mix of muddled cucumber, gin, and Aperol makes for a cooling and refreshing cocktail. More


Serious Eats Nick Caruana Post a comment

Cucumber and fresh dill work wonderfully with Hendrick's gin and lime juice in this refreshing cocktail. More

Fried Homemade Pickles with Ranch Dressing From 'Kitchen Confidence'

Serious Eats Kate Williams 4 comments

Almost every review of Kelsey Nixon's new cookbook, Kitchen Confidence mentioned two words: fried pickles. These words were likely followed by at least a few exclamation points and written squeals of glee. More

Refreshing Green Juice

Serious Eats dbcurrie 6 comments

This drink—made with cucumber, fennel, celery, and green pepper—is very refreshing. More

Buffalo Green Juice

Serious Eats Carolyn Cope 8 comments

Savory and spicy may not be the first characteristics you'd expect in a juice, but once you try this combination you may not be able to kick the habit. More

Andy Ricker's Tam Taeng Kwaa (Thai Cucumber Salad) From 'Pok Pok'

Serious Eats Kate Williams Post a comment

Andy Ricker opens his new Pok Pok cookbook with a series of variations on papaya salad. These are the beating heart of his namesake restaurant, providing its inspiration as well as a sweet and sour bridge between the range of complex savory dishes. This particular salad, made with cucumbers instead of papaya, is a cool and refreshing twist. More

Quick-Pickled Cucumbers with Rice Vinegar

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

A quick Japanese-style rice vinegar cucumber, perfect for serving with rice or stuffed into Pork Belly Buns. More

Easy Gazpacho

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 7 comments

Super fast gazpacho. The key is layering and salting the vegetables above the bread so that their exuded juices get sopped up before blending. More

Grilled Strip Steak with Creamy Yogurt Sauce and Tomato-Cucumber Salad

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

Thick-cut New York strip steaks grilled and served with a bright and crunchy tomato and cucumber salad with yogurt sauce. More

Burgers with Creamy Feta Sauce and Tomato-Cucumber Relish

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 3 comments

Big burgers with a creamy yogurt-feta sauce flavored with garlic and lemon, topped with a crunchy cucumber-tomato relish. More

Fresh Watermelon and Cucumber Juice

Serious Eats Carolyn Cope 6 comments

Refreshing and tangy, this lightly flavored juice will keep you happily hydrated on hot summer days. More

Make-Ahead Marinated Cucumber Salad with Radishes, Dill, and Shrimp

Serious Eats Suzanne Lehrer 2 comments

Cucumbers and radishes are the perfect, refreshing candidates for a salad that can improve while sitting in dressing overnight. The tangy, shallot vinaigrette I used as a marinade—just shallots, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and a big pinch of salt—is my go-to, and it never fails me. More

Grilled Beef Kebabs with Yogurt-Mint Sauce and Onion Salad

Serious Eats Jennifer Olvera 14 comments

Grilled ground beef kebabs are served with traditional cucumber yogurt and onion salad accompaniments. More

Green Manalishi

Serious Eats Melody Fury Post a comment

Bright green from muddled mint and cilantro, this herbaceous punch from Lucky Robot in Austin, Texas combines Japanese and Texan flavors. More

Cucumber-Mint Raita

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 2 comments

Dip, salad, or spread, there's little limit to what this cool and fresh raita can do, or ways to adapt it. More

Israeli Salad

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 2 comments

I spent a semester of my college career in Tel Aviv and developed a strong taste for Israeli salad, which more correctly traces its roots to a Palestinian origin. The combo is a simple mix of diced fresh vegetables, lemon, juice, and oil. More

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