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Lobster Boil

Quite simply, this is the indoor version of a clambake (without the hot rocks and seaweed). If you can't gain access to a beach and are craving a simple, but special treat, this lobster boil can evoke memories of evening by the ocean in a downtown apartment. The secret to getting everything to cook at the same time is to layer the seafood on top of the potato, corn and sausage. This version uses kielbasa, but a chorizo or even andouille could be a delicious addition to this recipe. More

Dinner Tonight: Pasta alla Vongole

Despite the so-so reputation that Pasta all a Vongole might hold—an Italian standby of tough, overcooked clams and gray "dishwater" sauce turned cloudy from the simmering clam shells—when done right, it has the potential to be remarkable. Many pasta dishes are this way, requiring attention to detail that's rewarded with great flavor. More

Sunday Supper: Clam and Chorizo Stew

Clams and chorizo are both exceptional ingredients in their own right, but put them in one dish together and they enhance each other further. This light summer stew makes the most of simple flavors by adding just another ingredient or two designed to support the complex, spicy chorizo and sweet, briny clams without distracting the palate. More

Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is one of those dishes for which there are a hundred different versions, though everyone will tell you that theirs is the only legitimate one. Cream or milk? Carrots and celery or only potatoes? Bay leaf? Flour? And... More

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