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Persian Buns

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 4 comments

Persian buns: aka deep fried cinnamon buns covered in chocolate frosting. More

Chelsea Buns (British Cinnamon Rolls with Raisins)

Serious Eats Sydney Oland 1 comment

These sweet, British-style glazed buns are similar to a cinnamon roll with a heartier bready texture, a sweet icing, and raisins sprinkled in for good measure. More

Serious Eats' Caramel Sticky Buns

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 13 comments

A good sticky bun (and we're not talking about the mall variety) can be a transcendent experience, just ask our own Ed Levine who had his mind blown by a roadside bun at Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead, Florida. It's pretty much impossible to read Ed's tale of this incredible sticky bun in the Serious Eats book without needing to try one out for yourself. More

Bread Baking: Cinnamon Apple Sweet Rolls

Serious Eats dbcurrie 2 comments

The dough for these rolls isn't overly sweet. Too much sugar in a dough can result in a poor rise, so I kept the dough just slightly sweeter than usual. It was light, fluffy, and perfect for pulling off little bits to nibble on. The sweetness came from the sugar and cinnamon, while the apple added just a bit of tartness and interesting texture to the party. There were a few chewy caramelized bits of sugar around the outer edges of the rolls—a little bonus. More

Biscuit Cinnamon Rolls

Serious Eats cakespy 8 comments

By combining these two twin titans of carbohydrate awesomeness, you've got a decadently delicious and addictive tour de force that just might change the way you look at morning sweets forever. More

Bread Baking: Cinnamon Rolls

Serious Eats dbcurrie 6 comments

What's even better than buying cinnamon rolls is making them. Because the smell of cinnamon and sweet yeasty bread baking is almost as good as eating the rolls. (Almost.) These are great fresh from the oven, when they're just a little bit warm. Leftovers are great for French toast or bread pudding. If you have leftovers. More

Cakespy: Cinnamon Rolls Stuffed With Thanksgiving Pie Leftovers

Serious Eats cakespy 2 comments

Get double duty out of your leftovers while also building up some endurance for the epic eating season ahead by preparing cinnamon rolls stuffed with Thanksgiving pie leftovers. More

Sunday Brunch: Cinnamon Rolls

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 23 comments

Certain brunch guests will be surprised to learn that cinnamon rolls can be made from scratch in a home kitchen. ("Like, from a can?" a friend of mine once asked when informed that I had made the roll she was being handed.) But there's actually no trick to it. This recipe is more about the soft, sweet bread of the cinnamon roll than its sticky interior. More

Sunday Brunch: Quick Cinnamon Buns

Serious Eats Robin Bellinger 9 comments

[Photo: Robin Bellinger] I have a strange fixation with this recipe. It was the first thing I made from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, and it was perfect—fast, heavenly cinnamon rolls from my own oven. But when I tried... More

Beer Bread Pecan Rolls

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 11 comments

"Skip yeast in favor of a quick beer-and-baking-powder dough." [Photograph: Maggie Hoffman] Brunch at home needs to be easy. There's a reason that neighborhood cafés manage to sell a couple of sad poached eggs for $13 on Sundays: we're not... More

French in a Flash: Pain au Chocolat Cinnamon Rolls with Crème Fraîche Icing and Walnuts

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 22 comments

Flaky, buttery chocolate croissants take the form of muffins, and are flavored like cinnamon buns, replete with crunchy toasted walnuts, cinnamon sugar, and, of course, the requisite frosting, made rich and tangy with a dollop of crème fraîche. More

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