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Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Cake Roll

Serious Eats María del Mar Sacasa 3 comments

Hot chocolate becomes cake in this recipe that incorporates moist chocolate cake, marshmallow whipped cream, and hot chocolate sauce. More

Easy Chocolate Tiramisu

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 5 comments

Creamy, chocolatey, and a snap to make, this chocolate lover's tiramisu gets an extra pick me up with a shot of coffee liquor. More

Bourbon-Roasted Peach Cheesecake

Serious Eats María del Mar Sacasa 2 comments

Bourbon-roasted peaches on top of a peach-flavored cheesecake with a graham cracker-pecan crust. More

Chocolate Dirt Pudding Pots

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 6 comments

In this kid-friendly dessert, chocolate pudding is layered with chocolate cookie crumbs. More

Islas Flotantes de Coco (Coconut Floating Islands)

Serious Eats María del Mar Sacasa 1 comment

Though some recipes call for baking the meringues and then slipping them into the custard, I follow the more traditional route and poach them. A bite reveals that these islands are rather more like clouds. More

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