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Turkey Chili Soup with Hominy

The punch of this turkey chili soup recipe relies on two kinds of chile powder—ancho and chipotle—and is thickened with flour rather than simmered for ages to reduce. But the most unique element is the hominy, which make this almost like a cross between chili and pozole. More

Spicy S'mores

If you haven't ever heightened your chocolate with a tiny blast of chile powder, then let me convince you why you should. You don't want to overdo the chile flavor—just use a touch of spiciness to bring out the rich chocolaty flavor. The sweetness of the chocolate floods the mouth at the start with just a splash of heat coming right at the end, like in this Spicy S'mores recipe, where a blast of cayenne transforms the chocolaty camp treat into a gooey, spicy bit of heaven. More

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