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The Nasty Bits: From Beak to Claw, Chicken and Duck Feet Steamed with Shiitake

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 4 comments

"The ghoulish shade of its skin, so unlike the golden-brown hue that we associate with a perfectly roasted bird, appeared more macabre than appetizing." [Photographs: Chichi Wang] I learned to speak English by watching a lot of old movies. Carey... More

The Nasty Bits: No Mean Feet

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 27 comments

I'm fond of all poultry feet. Goose and duck feet have ample amounts of webbing; when stewed, they are delicate and tender with a hint of chewiness that resembles the texture of simmered sheets of bean curd. While goose and duck feet are more prized in Chinese cuisine, I prefer the meatiness of a chicken's foot. More

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