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Browned Brussels With Maple Butter From 'Choosing Sides'

Brussels sprouts are a given on my Thanksgiving table, but I don't always give them much thought. Olive oil, salt, and a hot oven are my only requirements. While this method does produce pleasantly caramelized sprouts, it doesn't add much excitement to the table. This year, I'll take a cue from Tara Mataraza Desmond and toss my Brussels in brown butter and maple syrup as she does in her new cookbook, Choosing Sides. More

Potato Gnocchi with Sage Brown-Butter Sauce

Though you need a decent chunk of time to make the gnocchi pasta, it's really not hard to do. The sage brown-butter sauce, on the other hand, comes together so quickly, you can prepare it in the few minutes it takes to cook the gnocchi. The pay-off is worth the effort. The soft gnocchi and the nutty, toasted butter make for deeply satisfying comfort food. More

Dinner Tonight: Pork Scaloppine with Brown Butter Salsa Verde

The idea that you can take butter, cook it in a skillet, and it becomes brown butter is amazing to me. Seems obvious, but it deserves more than its literal name, because it's a transformation—from something many of us eat every day into a golden, nutty base for sauce. In this recipe, we get medallions of tender meat on a bed of creamy polenta topped with a piquant, buttery, lemony sauce. In other words, a delicious, delicious dinner. More

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