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Hot Buttered Chai

As with any variation on hot buttered rum, this drink is about execution. Using a simple batter made of creamed butter and brown sugar makes sure you get the flavor of the butter without the dreaded oil slick on the top of your cocktail. More

Lemon Cardamom Syllabub

On the list of great culinary innovations that Britain has given the world, desserts would be at the top. Although trifle and pudding are the most well-known, the humble syllabub is my personal favorite. What comes down to a flavored whipped cream is made more complex by the slight curdle the cream gets from citrus, and the sweet alcohol burn given to the cream by sugar and brandy. More

DIY Pear Liqueur

A homemade pear liqueur made with brandy gives you the sweetness of a fruit liqueur and the dryness of brandy in one ingredient. This pear liqueur hits the "Do I DIY?" trifecta: easy, cheap, and better-tasting than the store-bought stuff. More

Yusho's Pisco Punch

Pisco is grape brandy that hails from Chile and Peru. Like many classic punch recipes, Yusho's Pisco Punch includes tea—a sencha infused with coconut and pineapple, also a prominent flavor in the drink's gomme syrup. More

Vandaag's New Amsterdam Toddy

"The problem with most cider drinks is that they just hang around on a hot plate all day," says Smith-Mattsson, "so the flavors get too concentrated." Here, he allows Laird's Bonded Applejack "to do most of the work," delivering powerful apple flavor and the fruit's crisp acidity without that all-too-familiar boiled-down sweetness. More

Brandy Bran Muffins

To me, muffins have never been the most enticing food. There's something about the overly sweet, sticky lumps sitting in a cardboard box in my office kitchen that I've always found disconcerting. But the lightly toasted bran, and sweet, soft, boozy raisins make this recipe a muffin I crave. Bran may not be the flashiest muffin, but it's the simplicity of the flavors in this recipe that drew me in. If you end up with any leftover muffins the following morning I recommend cutting a muffin in half, smearing it in butter, then searing the buttered side in a hot pan until crisp. More

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