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Bran-Fermented Vegetables from 'Mastering Fermentation'

Even if I'd never tried making salami or kombucha before doesn't mean I haven't put it into my body at some point. But these bran-fermented vegetables are a different story. Called nuka in Japan, they're traditionally made by burying relatively dense vegetables, like daikon or carrot, in a salty fermented rice bran mixture fortified with kelp, miso, and/or beer. The vegetables take only a day or so to ferment, and emerge from the bran relatively crisp, tasting lightly of salted sourdough. More

Brandy Bran Muffins

To me, muffins have never been the most enticing food. There's something about the overly sweet, sticky lumps sitting in a cardboard box in my office kitchen that I've always found disconcerting. But the lightly toasted bran, and sweet, soft, boozy raisins make this recipe a muffin I crave. Bran may not be the flashiest muffin, but it's the simplicity of the flavors in this recipe that drew me in. If you end up with any leftover muffins the following morning I recommend cutting a muffin in half, smearing it in butter, then searing the buttered side in a hot pan until crisp. More

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