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Dinner Tonight: Spaghetti with Bottarga and Almonds

Recipes that use bottarga are usually breathtakingly simple, letting the pungent fish flavor do most of the work. This recipe is no different. The sauce is nothing more than garlic, parsley, and red pepper flakes cooked for a minute in olive oil. It's all a frame to let the bottarga shine. A dusting of toasted almonds helps give the pasta a bit more texture, but it's still the developed funkiness of bottarga that makes this dish. More

Cook the Book: Spaghetti with Sardinian Bottarga

this recipe for Spaghetti with Sardinian Bottarga from Italian Easy is a prime example of a dish that immediately caught my eye. I've only eaten bottarga (cured fish roe) in restaurants once or twice. Finding it didn't pose too much of a problem—it was tucked in between cans of caviar and salted anchovies in the deli section. I took it home and assembled it with the other components of this unusual pasta dish: lemons, chiles, olive oil, and spaghetti. More

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