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Peach and Aperol Bellini

Serious Eats Heather Meldrom Post a comment

In this chic twist on the classic brunch drink, Aperol adds a beautiful blush color and a hint of bitterness to the mix. More

Bellini Jam

Serious Eats Stephanie Stiavetti Post a comment

This Bellini jam is a perfect combination of sweet peaches and zippy champagne. Smooth with a touch of bite, it cures what ails you. More

Apricot Bellini

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

This spin on a bellini adapted from 101 Champagne Cocktails by Kim Haasarud is a little richer, a little boozier, and a little more fun than your standard brunch drink. More

Strawberry Purée

Serious Eats helenjane Post a comment

If you have a Vitamix-style professional blender, you won't need to strain because the blender is so powerful. If you're like me and sad because you don't have a powerful blender, you'll have to push the mixture through a small... More

Raspberry Purée

Serious Eats helenjane Post a comment

White Peach Purée

Serious Eats helenjane Post a comment
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