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Scotch Broth

Rich broth filled with bite-sized pieces of root vegetable and tender lamb, this hearty soup is much more than the name 'broth' implies. The essential elements of a scotch broth are lamb, barley, and root vegetables of various kinds, although many will include cabbage in that list as well. To me, Scotch broth is a root vegetable-based dish, with enough chunks of tender lamb to make it exciting, and a broth that is rich and flavorful. More

Dinner Tonight: Golden Beet Barley "Risotto" with Ricotta Salata

The similarity to risotto with this dish is mostly related to the cooking method—toasting the grains in fat, letting them absorb some wine, then adding stock little by little until the grains have become tender and released their starch into the pot to turn everything creamy. It tastes nothing like a traditional risotto, but that doesn't mean this isn't a brilliant dish. More

Short Rib and Barley Stew

Short rib and barley stew is fantastic because it: a) is dumb easy to do b) is made with pantry and fridge staples (aside from the short rib) c) lasts for days and gets better with time d) soothes the soul or warms the cockles of your heart, or if you're really lucky, both at the same time, and e) tastes really, really good. More

Bread Baking: Malted Barley Dark Rye Sandwich Loaf

For this loaf, I used a pale chocolate malt. The grains smelled a bit like chocolate with a hint of coffee. One of my previous loaves used a darker roasted malt called Pearl Black that smelled very much like roasted coffee and had a much stronger flavor in the finished loaf. If you don't have dark malted barley, you could simply leave it out and use this recipe to make a standard rye. It will be a lot paler, and not as complex, but still a nice loaf of rye. More

Dinner Tonight: Barley Soup al Verde

Most barley soup recipes have a heavy helping of beef, which might have been really wonderful in mid-January. But now with spring around the corner, I was looking for something a tad lighter. Thankfully cabbage and spinach get the job done here. They bulk it out, making it a filling soup without being a heavy or meaty one. More

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