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Argentinian Brisket With Chimichurri From 'Joy of Kosher'

Serious Eats Kate Williams 2 comments

Brisket is one of the first dishes that comes to mind when I think of kosher meals, and the forgiving cut of beef is one of Jamie Geller's favorites to cook. While there were more traditional preparations in her book, I was drawn to this zippier Argentinian-inspired recipe. More

Salsa Golf (Argentinean Ketchup)

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 10 comments

It may not be much of a recipe, but simply mixing mayonnaise and ketchup together makes one killer sauce that's a tangy, sweet, and fruity force to be reckoned with. More

Steak and Chimichurri Sandwiches

Serious Eats Marvin Gapultos 1 comment

Broiled skirt steak, bread, and chimichurri sauce is really all you need for this simple sandwich—you'll find yourself plunging the sandwich into the chimichurri before every bite. More

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