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Sunday Brunch: Shrimp Arepas

Making arepas on a Sunday morning is a great activity for a group. Making the dough, then shaping, frying, and filling can all be done with a glass in hand. And no individual task is too daunting, making this a great brunch for guests who cannot stay out of the kitchen, or even some anxious youngsters. More

Cook the Book: Arepas de Queso

These Arepas de Queso from Food Trucks by Heather Shouse are a top seller after last call. Little cornmeal cakes kneaded with shredded mozzarella and griddled in plenty of margarine (yes, margarine) are topped with squeaky curds of queso blanco. The magic of these Colombian arepas comes from the cheese that's incorporated into the dough making for sweet-salty little cakes with mild mozzarella. More

Dinner Tonight: Arepa Sandwiches with Chorizo and Black Beans

Most of the arepas I've had in my life have been dry and lifeless. Then again, essentially all the arepas I've eaten have come from my own kitchen, so I suppose I have only myself to blame. I've stayed away from them for a while now, waiting until I had a restaurant version that proved to me that they weren't always just rock hard pieces of dough. But I came upon this recipe from My Kitchen Movement and couldn't look away. More

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