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The Homemade Pantry's Hot Sauce

This Hot Sauce adapted from The Homemade Pantry by Alana Chernila takes a blend of chiles (dealer's choice), chars 'em up, and blends them with two sour elements—white vinegar and lime juice—and a touch of sugar for a sauce with a nice balance of heat, pucker, and sweet. But of course, your sauce is ultimately contingent on the chiles you pick, so give 'em a little taste before you take the hot sauce plunge. More

The Homemade Pantry's Roasted Tomatoes for the Freezer

Alana Chernila, author of The Homemade Pantry, has figured out a way to freeze summer tomatoes so that they retain their sweetness all year long. Her method involves snatching up pounds of gorgeous summer tomatoes and giving them a low and slow roast with garlic, herbs, and olive oil. This slow cooking method concentrates all of that great tomato flavor, making them perfect for freezing and breaking out during the cooler, tomato-less months for a bright taste of summer. More

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